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“My husband and I can only say that we are delighted! Nothing is broken or damaged because of efficient wrapping. The movers in Switzerland even complained that it is so well wrapped that it takes them a lot of time to unwrap. Please say ‘thank you’ on our benefit to the men from Pronto who have done such a good job for us.” – Mr. & Mrs. Klaiber, Nestle Phils (December 1991)

Efficiency and courtesy of crew: “excellent” – Kevin Kuok, Citibank (October 1994)

“Excellent work as always. We remember using Pronto also when we shipped household goods from Jakarta to Manila in December 1992 prior to moving to Japan.” – Mr. & Mrs. Qua Hiansen, Procter & Gamble (April 1995)

“It has been a pleasure working with Pronto. Pronto is the best run Filipino Company I have experienced in my two years here. Keep up the good work!” – Ellen Blakely, Procter & Gamble (January 1996)

“Courteous and helpful.” – Mr. & Mrs. Leidelmeyer, Parsons International (March 1997)

“This was a wonderful crew. They worked well together and required little supervision. I will recommend Pronto to all our Embassy and ex-pat friends.” – Col. Danwill Lee / U.S. Embassy (July 1998)

“I have moved a total of 5 times and never have I had such a wonderful ‘problem-free’ move. Pronto is so capable in making a very stressful time, a very ‘pleasant’ time.” – Mr. & Mrs. O’Keefe, Procter & Gamble (June 1999)

“The most professional pack-out I have had in 20 years of service with numerous moves. A wonderful crew.” – Maj C. Prosser, U.S. Embassy (May 2000)

“I have packed/unpacked here in Manila 6x over 18 years and this is by the far the best crew/packing job. Scale was 100% accurate – Mr. Charles Gardner/U.S. Embassy State Dept. (August 2001)

“I am very pleased with the way the crew packed my property. I have traveled around the world and this is the best my property has ever been packed. A super job! – Mr. D. Brooks / U.S. Embassy (June 2002)

“Excellent job. The best pack and load that I have seen in 20+ years. My compliments to the crew for their first rate customer service. The load was every bit as outstanding. Job well done. – Mr. Mrs. Gary Meyer / U.S. Embassy (June 2003)

“I want to thank you for the superb job you did on our move. Your people were respectful, professional, careful and safe. This was by far the most pleasant move we have experienced in 23 years. The household goods arrived in very good shape.The US contractors that unpacked us were amazed at the care of packing-even down the linen used to cover many items. Your personal attention to the work and to us costumers was very comforting during this normally stressful time. Your men even carefully stepped around our little Breanne as she napped on the floor!” – Mr. Mrs. Eriksen/Procter & Gamble (August 2003)